Feb 3rd 2018 — It was my birthday. I got a surprise call from Dare who had reached out to one of my sisters to get my number. He called and wished me well, it was so refreshing hearing his voice. Lol, he got to know I was in Abuja then we decided to see after church the next day.


We kept in touch and got talking. We caught up with gist about everything.


I started liking him 🙈


March 7th 2018 — Dare asked me to be his best friend and we thought to see how things go. We told our parents, family and Pastor.
These are random pictures of us over the years 💕
It has just been God


Dec 13th 2019 — I asked Fresh to marry me, she was so excited. She said yes before I could even finish proposing.


In preparation for our special day we took some pre wedding pictures and we love it, we hope you do too